Hallel was born from the persecution of the Church in Slovakia. In 1950 its founder, Fr. George Torok, crossed the river Morava, leaving behind homeland, losing every material possession in the waters of that river and reaching the other shore with a quest for freedom.

For many years he was involved in the biblical, catechetical and liturgical movements that prepared the events of the Vatican II Ecumenical Council.

He was privileged to have had an active part in the work of Vatican II, an unforgettable and most formative experience of life. The love for that Council is noticeable in everything we say and do in Hallel.

Since 1976, as a film and video production company, Hallel crews set out on endless journeys around the world to see and portray the faceless poor and oppressed in all the continents of our world. They will always remember their awesome plea for justice and human dignity.

We were associated with the work of missionaries around the world. Since we do not claim an exclusive identity, we have adapted and felt at home even in the most remote jungles of this world.

As citizens of the world, we are inspired by friendship as a universal form of human relationship. Since the very beginning, we were graced by the Lord’s own friendship and we share it with all peoples.

Our ancestors were evangelized by Saints Cyril and Methodius. Even to the present time, our people are rooted in the Christian traditions of the West as well as of the East. We celebrate the divine mysteries in the rite of the Roman Catholic Church as well as in the rite of the Oriental Catholic Churches. We envision a church that spans from East to West in making a perfect offering to the Father.